In Clash of Clans, exclusively for Apple iOS, gems play a large role in the success of your town or “clan”. Gems can either be obtained from completing achievements or by purchasing them with your credit card. After the release of the game, numerous hacks have been released which did in fact work, however they are usually patched within days and no longer work. With that being said, we looked for a permanent solution to this problem and have developed an untraceable mod tool, or hack for clash of clans. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what this is – it’s basically a cheat code for Clash of Clans, but a program enters it for you. Please keep in mind: You DO NOT need to have a jailbroken iDevice for this to work, and our program features a full anti-ban system so Supercell won’t be able to trace it.

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What features does our hack have to offer?


Generate Unlimited Gems

Gems are the main form of currency in Clash of Clans. They allow you to speed up upgrades and to refill other resources. Our generator adds gems to your GameCenter account flawlessly.

Jailbreak not Required

No Jailbreak is required to use the program. Not only is jailbreaking your iDevice a hassle, but it also voids the warranty!

Full Anti-Ban Protection

The Clash of Clans Unlimited Gem hack tool incorporates an anti-ban system. The gems added to your account are untraceable, and Supercell will not be able to ban your account.